Smart NICs



  • Single/dual 10/25 GbE interfaces
  • Flexible I/O for cloud compute
  • Network and security acceleration for compute scalability
  • Best-in-class packet processing
  • Open Virtual Switch (OVS) offload
  • Overlay network offloads support
  • SDN/NFV service chaining
  • Packet parsing with application recognition
  • Workload-optimized software for efficiency and extensibility
  • Fully custom programmable

The Accton SMA23xx Series are intelligent server adapter cards with 10/25 Gigabit Ethernet connectivity. Built using Cavium’s market-leading LiquidIO® II technology, the cards provide the best-in-class performance for hyperscale, Telco, and enterprise/private datacenters with intelligent network, storage, and security acceleration.

Cloud infrastructure requires optimizing equipment for performance, cost, and power at scale. Intelligent adapters can achieve these goals by moving specific workloads onto highly- optimized adapter hardware, leaving the host server to run more efficiently. Moving network virtualization, storage protocols, security, SDN, and network overlay to the adapter can dramatically improve overall OpEx and CapEx.

The Accton SMA23xx Series adapters are also fully programmable, making them the industry’s most flexible and scalable, yet low-cost solution.